On Our Love


In partnership with Mejuri | Fall 2018

“To love and to be loved is the foundation through which all else is possible.”

If someone had told me six and a half years ago, that I would be a mother and live the life I do now, I would not have believed them. Not in a million years. The truth is, being a mother was not something I had particularly envisioned for myself, let alone being a young mother. 

However, the last six years have allowed me to grow in ways I cannot begin to express in words. Turns out, being a mother to Salem has been the most precious and pure experience of my life. My perspectives, my patience, my understanding of commitment, the way in which I have learned to view the world and experience human connection, have all expanded beyond limits I knew existed. 

There is very little in life that we need to experience contentment. To love and to be loved is the foundation through which all else is possible. I’m so humbly grateful to be able to experience our love every day, for the women that I have become, the life that we have and continue to build and the little man responsible for it all. Our #totallynontypical love story.

Mejuri recently released their Totally Non-Typical Engagement ring collection, which features a stunning assortment of rings in celebration of love in the nontraditional sense. Whether honouring love and partnership with yourself, or with another, their ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones and unique approach to design, is the perfect symbol in lieu of your authentic love story.

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WORDS: Carter Reid

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