A Few Hard Lessons


I stumbled upon a note I wrote myself quite some time ago.
It was written as a friendly reminder after learning a few hard lessons and is a passage I read from time to time when seeking comfort or words of encouragement. I thought to share.

This was a major shift. It was hard. It happened but you must accept it and learn from it in order to move past it. Pay attention. What was this lesson trying to teach you? How can you evolve and reach higher ground? Move through it by leaning into it.

Remember your objective; to live an honest, wholehearted life- doing that which excites you, creating things you are proud of and enjoying time with the ones you love. Discovering, learning, growing. This is the objective. It will never change. With that being said, times will get hard. Your dedication to this objective will be tested. This is when the state of your character will be determined. Remember, you have a responsibility to make the best of what has been given to you in this life. It is your duty as a human on this earth. Stay true to yourself and remain steadfast in your pursuit. Remember your promise to yourself. Stay focused and concentrated on this promise and let it be conveyed in everything you do and everyone you meet.

You are safe and healthy. Salem is safe and healthy and that is all you need to begin and continue a journey towards a wholehearted life.

- CR

Everyone has a different narrative that is their life. The constant in life is change; forever changing situations, both beautiful and challenging. Sometimes all we need is a reminder of what our intentions are at large to avoid a poisonous state and lean into hard times.  

AL | ONE, no one is al.one. 

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