naked beauty bar

naked beauty bar

an article | spring 2016

I recently had the pleasure of connecting with sisters Gabrielle and Julia Bautista, who have teamed up to create a fresh and innovative take on your traditional nail and beauty salon.

Located in the the heart of West Toronto on Dundas St., an area receiving an overwhelming amount of attention these days, the Naked brand could not be more relevant to the taste of the community. Initially the Bautista sisters had their eye on Queen West, fate solidified the former and they could not have planned a more perfect pairing (it also doesn't hurt to be a neighbouring establishment to The OVO Store).

The vision behind Naked is simple, figuratively and literally. They aim to provide an impeccable service and top notch experience that is affordable, using products that are all natural and free from chemicals and additives. As if this concept is not satisfying enough, all products used and sold at Naked BB are made locally, here in Toronto, from independent curators and retailers, such as, Dahlia & Sons and LOVEFRESH.

Not only has Naked attempted and succeeded at filling a massive void in the Toronto nail and beauty scene, they also have one of the most beautiful and well put together spaces we have seen as of late. With clean, simple and minimalistic features, the design infuses a modern elegance, all while staying true to the buildings traditional Victorian character-much like most of Toronto’s architecture, showcased in the beautiful crown moulding, outlining majority of the walls and ceilings and around the two master chandeliers (see photo gallery below).

Interestingly enough, the tactic behind the more neutral and simple appeal is in part to attract a larger number of Toronto's male population to the Beauty Bar, with popular services being pedicures and waxes.

Put simply, if you have not paid Naked Beauty Bar a visit, you most definitely should.