spring skincare

In lieu of spring, I decided to welcome a new skin care routine. I have always kept skin care very simple, a good exfoliator, a bar of natural charcoal soap and vitamin E cream. In the past, I found it to be a challenge maintaining a good skin and beauty routine all while keeping it natural. However, over the last few years, new brands are begining to surface, specializing in clean, natural beauty products and many of them local! 

As most of us do, I struggle with dry Canadian winters and their affects on my skin. My objective was to develop a consistent routine, one that I could carry out past winter and continue through spring and summer. I love the supple, dewy skin my vitamin E and other serums gave me and wanted to maintain that. 

So here it is, a quick note on my new skin care routine (with the help of Natasha Goel, founder of The Cure Apothecary) featuring a few brands I am currently crazy about. 

dudu-osun black soap by tropical naturals (latre art+style
coconut detox (charcoal, coconut and rhassoul clay) by camp skin care 
vitamin C serum by one love organics
luna de miel (hydrating glow serum) by florés boticario
vitamin E 25, 000 IU cream by Jāsön

am routine
wash thoroughly with warm water only.
apply a combination of vitamin C serum and luna de miel.

pm routine
with warm water, I combine my charcoal soap and coconut detox then scrub and  cleanse.
apply a combination of vitamin C serum and vitamin E cream.

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